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Massage with feeling

Massage with feeling

Our massages:

Massages have been around for centuries. In Roman culture, gladiators were massaged before battle. The Egyptians massaged with Nile mud for aesthetic reasons.

In the East, massage is very common and is mainly practiced for healing complaints. The knowledge has been passed down from mother to daughter and from father to son for centuries.

In the West, massage was something unusual for a very long time.

A massage is more than just enjoying and resting. Being touched is an essential necessity of life. This need is often taboo in our Western culture.

A massage is a structured method to stimulate the skin, muscles and/or connective tissue. Massage promotes blood circulation, calms the heart rate, removes waste, energizes, strengthens vitality and increases resilience (both physical and mental). That’s why they say “massage balances body, mind and soul”.

Regular massage has been scientifically proven to increase the number of blood cells, which in turn strengthens the immune system. Massage has a healing effect on the whole being!

Massages are suitable for all ages, for babies, children, adults and seniors. Receiving a massage means letting go, clearing your head and simply enjoying yourself in complete tranquility.

Our “Massage Praktijk le Gui” offers massages for two different aspects:

For the treatment of complaints:

The purpose of the massage is primarily to relieve physical discomfort, such as a stiff neck, tense shoulders, (lower) back pain, minor injuries to arms or legs, or muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.


With this type of massage, you don’t have to have any discomfort. The massage is purely aimed at well-being: enjoy pleasant touch and relaxation.

The deep relaxation of the muscles promotes blood circulation and improves metabolism.

The relaxation massage brings us back to our body awareness.

For all massages “warmth” is of great importance:

The masseur takes care of:

– Warm massage room
– Warm massage oil
– Warm hands

Heat can also be transferred through the conscious attentive work of the masseur.

Massage Practice le Gui: – massage with feeling.

Looking for causes of discomfort – working on a body in balance.

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