About us:

We are two convinced massage therapists. We believe that your body can only be in balance when it can relax. By means of massage, Yoga and/or a good conversation we want to ensure that you can come home to yourself again.

Sonja, in her mid-fifties, is massage. With an enormous sense of what the body, that she is treating with her skilled hands, need. She specializes in Classical massage, Ayurvedic massages, the Doshas and Lomi-lomi the Hawaiian massage. Is a Yin yoga teacher and always working to expand her knowledge.

In the years before his retirement, Frans has found the art of massage and made his own with great pleasure. Leaves the new practice to Sonja, but still likes to spoil people with his skills every now and then. He specializes in Classical massages and really enjoys giving a Hot Stone massage.

We are both fully qualified massage therapists.

The start was full of adventure, as skipper/owners on the brown fleet. A period in the straitjacket: childcare, account manager. Self-employed as a horse hairdresser, adventure as owners of a large guest house with restaurant in the Czech Republic. Eventually Sonja followed her dream and did massage and yoga courses in the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany.

Practicing in an Austrian Wellness Hotel, Swiss fitness parks, a Swiss Hotel and the private practice in Switzerland.Now a new start in the romantic Haute Saone. A beautiful farm with a permanent massage room.

The room is big enough to massage 2 guests at the same time. If guests want to be massaged simultaneously but separately, that is also possible: Sonja has a room in which she regularly provides yoga classes, this room is also excellent for massages.


The wayward mistletoe

The plant has been shrouded in mysteries and rituals for centuries. It is a plant that was seen as a symbol of eternal life.
During the Christmas season, the mistletoe is hung as a decoration to attract good luck and fertility. The custom is that someone standing underneath may be kissed.

The Mistletoe stands out because it behaves completely differently from other plants. The Mistletoe appears to be independent of Earth, time and space. For example, the seed can only germinate in the light and the roots grow upwards, unlike other plants.
The plant grows like a bulb. No preference for above or below. The leaves have no difference between the top and the bottom. This is unique in the plant world because other plants grow from the earth to the sun with the root to the center of the earth.
The Mistletoe can’t even grow on the earth. The plant can only grow in another tree from which it absorbs water and nutrients.
Also striking is the relationship of the mistletoe with the sun. The plant does not grow in the summer, then it rests. The plant blooms in February and the berries ripen in December.
No wonder the plant has been attracting attention for centuries.

It used to be assumed that nature gave man signals. The man who looked closely could see the purpose of the plant on earth.
Anthroposophical medicine still uses mistletoe. And many homeopaths also know how this natural medicine works.

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