Western knowledge of health care and Eastern philosophy play an important role in this form of massage. The classic massage is probably one of the most used massage forms.

The classic massage stimulates blood circulation, you become relaxed and your freedom of movement is increased.
Due to the increased blood flow, the absorption of nutrients in the muscles is promoted and the waste products are removed faster.
The massage can bring your body into deep relaxation to a deep meditative state. It calms the nervous system, strengthens the immune system and stimulates the release of toxins in your body.
During this massage we typically use slow, sliding movements. The masseur kneads and rubs with the blood flow towards the heart, to stimulate blood circulation.

Four basic techniques are used in a classic massage: effleurage, petrissage, kneading and friction. Effleurage is a superficial ironing massage technique. Petrissage is a firm kneading massage technique, in which the movements are free to very powerful and circular movements are made. In the kneading technique, the subcutaneous tissue is kneaded with the thumb and fingers, in the same way that dough is kneaded. Friction is a powerful rub-massage technique. Powerful movements are made with thumbs, knuckles and fingertips.
The massage is performed with massage oil and on bare skin.
100% natural essential oils are used for the massage. The oils nourishes the skin at the same time, leaving it soft and supple.
A massage lotion can also be used.

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