Reflexology is thousands of years old. The earliest surviving
sources of this technique are wall paintings from 2330
BC, in the tomb of the physicians at Saqqara, Egypt. One
scene shows people being
treated at their feet and hands.
Chinese acupuncturists used
reflexology as an adjunct to their treatment in the 4th century AD. Once in place, the needles applied
direct pressure to the feet to release energy and initiate healing.

The manipulation of the reflex points stimulates nerve endings and
blood circulation and relieves excess stress and tension in the body.
Reflexology improves circulation and helps the body
to eliminate waste more quickly , so that toxins cannot build up to dangerous
levels in the liver, kidneys or intestines. The massage
improves all body functions, stimulating the self-healing process
to work faster and more efficiently.

Reflexology is a safe massage technique, which is applied on
the outside of the body. By applying pressure to specific
reflex points on the feet and hands, health is promoted. Each
reflex point corresponds to a part of the body. Everything on the
right side of the body corresponds to the reflex points on the
right hand and foot. Everything on the left corresponds to the
left hand and foot.
Reflexology is most effective on the feet, as they are very sensitive.

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