Massaging with hot stones has been around for centuries.
Stones have been used as tools and aids for as long as men have been walking the earth. For example, stones were used for heating on cold nights.
The Greeks and Romans used stones in the baths to massage each other, because muscle pain, discomfort and injuries decreased faster.
This massage was also used by the Incas, Indians, Maories and many other cultures.
In Eastern culture, hot stones were used to prevent and treat diseases and ailments. Here the stones were placed on the acupuncture points and stroked over the meridians.
A hot stone massage is a body treatment based on the mindset that the soul, body and mind are one.

The combination of heat and movement allows the massage therapist to go deeper into the muscle tissue, making the massage or treatment more effective.
A hot stone massage ensures that the body repairs itself, it helps to remove excess cells, contributes to the detoxification of the body, stimulates the organs and can bring the body more into balance.
Hot stone massage is good for muscle pain, muscle sprains and muscle tension. It helps with reduced blood circulation, back pain, arthritis, some types of rheumatism, fibromyalgia, menstrual pain. Its relaxing effect helps with stress and anxiety.

The hot stone massage is given with beautiful volcanic stones, which are rounded by nature over centuries. They have a temperature of 45 °C to 55 °C.
Usually the hot stone massage is performed in the following way.
First, the body is smeared with oil. This is followed by a massage with warm stones that are eventually placed on or next to you. These stones provide warmth and relaxation. The massage mainly consists of long and calm strokes, but during the massage all muscle groups are eventually worked.

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