The Lomi Lomi is originally from Hawaii and was passed down from generation to generation.
In the Huna, a Hawaiian philosophy, the main focus is on Harmony and Love. Lack of harmony leads to resistance, which in turn leads to blockages in the energy flow. The treatment is aimed at removing these blockages.
Lomi is the Hawaiian term for massage and means “pressing, kneading, rubbing”, but also “touching a contented cat with velvet paws”. The word has been doubled, because the meaning then becomes stronger several times.

The Lomi Lomi massage restores the life force and has a stimulating effect on the muscles, the nervous system, the senses, the blood circulation and the organs. In addition, the massage improves the supply of oxygen, the metabolism and the removal of waste.
After the Lomi Lomi massage you will feel reborn.

Lomi Lomi massage is a calm rhythmic massage, which is aimed at relaxation and healing. It is a full body treatment performed with beautiful, long, flowing movements over the full length of the body, mainly massaging the forearms. The movements can be compared to the waves of the ocean, it almost seems like a type of dance.
The emphasis of the treatment is on relaxation and the removal of fears, irritations and other negative emotions. The body becomes calm and returns back into its own harmonic, natural rhythm.

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