Lymph contains substances that do not belong in the tissues, such as too much protein, too much water or foreign cells that have invaded our body, such as bacteria. The lymphatic system ensures that all excess is removed and at the same time our immune system is stimulated. If we do not have optimal circulation in the lymphatic system, all kinds of disorders can arise and we feel less comfortable.
We stimulate the flow through an adapted rhythm and the specific direction of the spiral and pump movements.
This technique also creates a very relaxed state, removing stress from the body.

Lymphatic drainage is applied to the places where the body has an excess of waste products in the tissue or has problems with the removal of waste products.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a very calm and gentle massage technique . The masseur applies special soft touch techniques to stimulate the lymph nodes and remove fluid and waste from your body. The massage has a ‘pressure phase’ and a ‘pressureless phase’.
The pressure phase ensures sufficient opening of the smallest lymphatic vessels just under the skin, which are closed with a kind of sliding valves. This allows the lymph to enter the lymphatic vessel.
The pressure-free phase gives the lymphatic vessels the opportunity to close again, after which the lymph can be drained further.
The treatment itself is gentle and soothing

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